Private Candlelight Dinner
Feel the magical aura of Santorini overwhelming you, as you are dining under the Aegean sky. The stunning view will captivate you, in a truly transcendental setting that excites your senses. Enjoy the marvelous backdrop and gaze at the horizon, as the velvet sky changes colors and gets filled with orange and purple, red and pink. This canvas is the perfect dining scenery for you and your loved one. 
Just the two of you, tasting heavenly treats from the Mediterranean cuisine cooked to perfection by our dedicated chef. Taking a sip of chilled champagne or local wine, you will celebrate your privacy and relish the discreet light from the candles and the stars shining upon you. Lounge music and bespoke services of the highest standards complete this ethereal experience for you in Santorini!

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Massage Treatments
Relax and rejuvenate, feeling the aura of the island surrounding you. A plethora of massage treatments are offered at Filotera Suites, introducing you to the magical world of invigoration. Surrender to the experienced hands of the professionals, who will guide you to the liberating path of euphoria and provide you with the vitality you are entitled to. Let go of the stress that has been piling up and appreciate life in its simplicity. 
Enjoy massage sessions, as part of a holistic approach to balance your body and mind in the most thrilling backdrop. Overlooking the Aegean and the fierce caldera, you indulge in the most soothing experience! 
Yoga Lessons
For those who seek tranquility and wish to enjoy the magnitude of life from within, Yoga lessons are the ideal experience in Santorini. If you want to balance your inner self and find out the true meaning of existence, you need to start from within and listen to your own needs. Feel completely relaxed, in line with the captivating surroundings and explore your limits. You are entitled to a deep insight of life, a way to relieve the tension and seek authenticity in everything. 
Under the guidance of skilled Yoga instructors, you will get the chance to master your Yoga positions and experience tranquility and inner balance. This is definitely an experience that can change your life! 
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