Explore the embroidered coastline of Santorini and dive in the refreshing waters of the Aegean, overlooking the imposing caldera cliffs. Schedule your trip to the archipelago on a luxury catamaran, watching the volcano and the small islands embraced by Santorini. Sailing away encompasses absolute freedom, especially in an inspiring setting such as that of Cyclades. Set out on a watery adventure, discover the hidden gems of the Aegean and even dine on board as the sun is going to sleep.
Horse Riding by the Sea
Horses are proud, emblematic animals of unparalleled vigor and beauty. Enjoy horse riding in the most spectacular scenery, as you are running across the seashore. This is a magnificent feeling, where your breathing gets in perfect sync with the horse and you two develop an unmatched bond. Allow us to organize a horse riding session by the sea for a remarkable experience. Riding on the soft sand, letting the horse dip its feet in the water, touching perfection!
Hiking in Oia – Imerovigli
There is a marvelous path connecting the picturesque settlements of Oia and Imerovigli. You are most welcome to join the path and explore the area, admiring the natural beauty and the fierce cliffs. As you are walking through wild nature, you will have the opportunity to glance at the horizon far away. It is an invigorating experience that only Santorini visitors can fully comprehend, as the magical aura of the island is blended with unworldly landscapes and genuine touches of Cyclades.
Wine Tour
Santorini holds the scepter of exquisite wine making in Greece, with rare varieties of grapes producing some of the finest liquor. We can schedule a wine tour for you at one of the top local wineries on the island. In this way, you will be introduced to the art of wine making and you will taste the most sumptuous wines accompanied by traditional delicacies. A true journey of the senses, surprising your palate with the depth of the taste and the intoxicating aromas!
Ancient Thira – Akrotiri Site
For those who love history and wish to witness the eloquent past glory of Santorini, Akrotiri and Ancient Thira are excellent choices. You should explore the sites and see from up close the depiction of a great ancient civilization on every stone. The rich findings allow you to fully comprehend how the ancient Therans lived their life centuries ago, when they thrived and how they fell. History comes alive and you get to step on the very same ground where amazing things have happened.
There are stunning beaches all over the island, satisfying the tastes of even the most discerning traveler. Outstanding scarlet cliffs, dark colored pebbles and all-white imposing rock formations, they are all there for you to explore. Whether you are into partying on the beach or you are searching for a secluded retreat, a perfectly organized family beach or a shelter of unspoiled beauty, Santorini beaches will take you by storm.
Santorini Sunset
One of the iconic experiences in Santorini is the world renowned sunset. Wherever you are, it is worth taking the time and admiring this natural wonder again and again. As the sun is setting down, thousands of colors flood the sky with incomparable beauty. A chromatic blend like nothing you have seen before unfolds and you are left in awe, staring at the exquisite spectacle till it vanishes. Sunset in Santorini is celebrated day after day, offering a singular experience to everyone on the island. So do not miss your appointment with the world’s magnitude!
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